Barbie’s Day at Ever After High Game

Barbie is a huge Ever After High fan! Let’s join her on a visit to the land of Royals and Rebels.

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How to play the game "Barbie’s Day at Ever After High Game"?

Barbie is a huge fan of Ever After High...who isn’t!? Luckily for her though, the Ever After High girls are huge fans of hers too! They got in touch with her recently and asked if she would like to join them for a day at Ever After High. What’s even better? Barbie has invited you along to this fairytale land too! Read more

There’s just one catch in this celebrity need to help Barbie get ready! Sounds like a great deal to us. Start by helping Barbie find all the beauty products in her packed bathroom cabinet; then cleanse her skin, apply make up and choose some clothes. She certainly looks the part, hmm, doesn’t she remind you of Princess Barbie? Do you think she would be a Royal or a Rebel? Tell us in the comments girls!