Baking Chocolate Cake Game

Make the best chocolate cake ever tasted in this cooking game!

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There’s always something tasty on the menu in our girls’ games, and guess what we’ve cooked up for you lucky girls today? Chocolate cake! Our friend Sara is a trainee pastry chef who spends her day making and decorate delicious cakes, cookies and other desserts, and in this girl game she’s volunteered to give you an exclusive master class and share her top secret chocolate cake recipe with you. Learning to bake is super easy with these cooking games, so let’s get to work! Read more

If you’re a chocoholic or love baking cakes and other sweet treats, you’ll have great fun learning to make chocolate cake in this great cooking game. Sara will give you instructions, so just follow the arrows onscreen to the ingredients into a beautiful chocolate cake!



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taylor_swift taylor_swift 18 July 2013 at 21:16
i tried this recipe at home and now i love it and who ever reads this message,u should try it u will love it
angeliqou angeliqou 17 May 2012 at 02:01
so fun to play love it loved it so much want to earn some more DEEZ it is really fun to play when u dont have any thing else to play.
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