Cleaning with Dora the Explorer Game

Uh oh, Swiper the Fox has destroyed the house! Can you help Dora clean it up?

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How to play the game "Cleaning with Dora the Explorer Game"?

Uh oh, what a mess! Dora the Explorer went out for a nice walk with Boots the monkey and when they came back, the whole house was upside down! As Dora and Boots stood looking at the house in disbelief, out came Swiper the fox, looking very sheepish! Swiper was just so full of energy that he couldn’t help running around and making a mess everywhere in Dora’s lovely home! What a bad fox. Can you help Dora and Boots tidy up in this free celebrity game for girls? Read more

There are three levels in this Dora the Explorer cleaning game, after all, Swiper did mess up the entire house! Put all the items back in the correct places to get Dora’s home back to normal in this cleaning game. We wonder what Dora will get up to once her house is clean and tidy. Maybe we should take a look at the other free Dora games to find out...