Find the Letters with Lee, Lea and Lilou

Help us find all the letters in the alphabet !

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Help us find all the letters in the alphabet !

For our new girls games, we present our find the letters game for girls, me (Lee) and my friends Lilou and Lea started with a photo of us all at the beach, and for girls games we hid all of the letters of the alphabet somewhere in the picture. Some of them are easy to find but other ones are difficult. At the top of the game for girls you can see all the letters you need to find. Each time you find one, it will light up at the top. Like other girls games like this you’ll have to concentrate hard to find all the letters.

Find the Letters with Lee, Lea and Lilou

4.3/5 - 1161 votes
  • Witch
  • Mkenzie
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • TessaYoung
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni
  • Kally9

Find the Letters with Lee, Lea and Lilou comments from girls:

teenblast teenblast 19.01.2013 à 23:46
where is r this is kinda hard but really cool and lilou bra strap can someone tell me where r is at
sizzle sizzle 15.07.2012 à 2:48
awesome and cool and kinda hard and exciting:->
suely suely 04.07.2012 à 20:42
eu adoro as tres elas sao super lindas quem medera ser uma delas
barbielicious barbielicious 01.07.2012 à 20:45
OOO! this game is so easythe s is just on lilou's bra hope u find it
fox1010 fox1010 19.06.2012 à 3:50
i cant find s it iis soo hard plez tell me wer it is im gettin mad:->
fox1010 fox1010 19.06.2012 à 3:49
s is soo hard its makin me mad soo bad its really hard pleaz tell me wer it is
draculaura01 draculaura01 12.04.2012 à 9:03
This game is so easy + I was done 1min 30+add me but thaxx if you did add me
lindana123456 lindana123456 07.04.2012 à 7:51
Hey girlz i found the s it was on the hirl with the blonde hair's bra. On the right. Zoom up and you will complete the challenge for more deez.
jade123 jade123 31.03.2012 à 18:08
i found everything but s the z is in the sufebroad a and b is in the beach ball o is in the neckals
carlyraejepsen carlyraejepsen 24.03.2012 à 4:34
i cant find the letter s can someone help me please i have looked everywere and cant see it and plus i have glasses so i cant really see it can you plaese help me :-I
lozgirl lozgirl 23.03.2012 à 3:07
hey girls! will someone add me? i have no friends.... anyways, i think this game is pretty cool. oh, i just LOVE the way they hid the o! does anyone else think the way they hid the o?
sophiekeebles7 sophiekeebles7 21.03.2012 à 18:54
HIwots up!! I want to go shopping but my mum said no guess I will let my doll go instead:->!!!!!!!!
EmilySweet EmilySweet 21.03.2012 à 12:58
i cant find h and r can u helpP me and i like the way and the place where 'z' is hidden
atasha590 atasha590 20.03.2012 à 21:00
casscass13 casscass13 19.03.2012 à 20:24
hi i cant find s ooo and i need some bffs i have non from,casscass13
kayley99jaxonxx kayley99jaxonxx 10.03.2012 à 22:01
anyone wanna be my friend add me if you doan plz if u like this game coment below and if u have facebook so do i soo xx
ashleybrown775 ashleybrown775 03.03.2012 à 17:21
This game is awesome but i cant find r, s, v, also i need some friends so tell me how to get some friends
memee memee 03.03.2012 à 3:45
hey if any of you want to become my friend u can let me know and i like this cool game u can be my friend any time<
princess_andra08 princess_andra08 20.02.2012 à 23:26
i am a new person so can u guys add me as a friend
BrylovesMe BrylovesMe 05.02.2012 à 19:59
so im just playing games for more DEEZ and to pass lvl LOL but i have to chilax one day don't I ? looks like i might be right now XD so i want friends add me pplz Plz
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