Eeerz and Raving Rabbids Game

Meet the’s Raving Rabbids like you’ve never seen them before!

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How to play the game "Eeerz and Raving Rabbids Game "?

The Raving Rabbids have some cool new friends...Eeerz. They are going to show them exactly what kind of mischief they get up to! Have you heard of Eeerz or Raving Rabbids before? These animals are friends with the famous Rayman, and are such cheeky little animals! In this free celebrity girls’ game, they need to clean the windows of a very large building, but as usual, nothing goes to plan... Read more

To make their job a little more exciting in this animal game, the Eeerz and Raving Rabbids have decided to install a giant trampoline and jump on it. They can’t just use a ladder like anyone else would! However, you have decided that it’s time to teach those little Rabbids a lesson. To play, click on the Rabbids with your mouse to punch them. This is hilarious! Don’t click on the spotlights though or you’ll lose lives. What do you think of this free Eeerz game? We think it’s crazy...but brilliant!