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Make a complete pizza, from A to Z !

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Make a complete pizza, from A to Z !

If pizza games are what you like playing, then this new cooking game for girls will be right up your street.

You’ll need to start off by chopping up all the ingredients like the tomato, onion and mushroom. Mind your fingers! Then follow the instructions carefully to make the dought, add all the ingredients to your pizza creatively, and then cook your pizza to perfection! If you like cooking games then you’ll have lots of fun playing our many pizza games and more, on mygames4girls.

pizza games

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pizza games comments from girls:

kiara_swagger kiara_swagger 09.12.2013 à 13:47
it is delishios yummy i love pizza this game rocks i like it
QuiteDevil78 QuiteDevil78 27.08.2011 à 15:02
awsum game but needs a little bit of excitment its fun chopping and making pizza
QuiteDevil78 QuiteDevil78 27.08.2011 à 13:09
awsum game not much of excitments but its fun copping and making a hot and spicy pizza im starving
bella99812 bella99812 17.07.2011 à 13:24
nice game.........
hilary46 hilary46 18.06.2011 à 19:45
it's great
hilary46 hilary46 18.06.2011 à 19:45
it's good!!!!!!
sheshe106 sheshe106 06.01.2011 à 0:02
i won the game
nicole434 nicole434 30.12.2010 à 9:38
it was aight
kool_cat12389 kool_cat12389 27.12.2010 à 15:16
i love cooking games there my favorite games i love it so much
kiwiaubs kiwiaubs 27.12.2010 à 10:28
i love cooking games there my fav
murt1621 murt1621 05.11.2010 à 23:06
i love the games on it and the cooking games a fab
Sterling Sterling 02.08.2010 à 2:15
Uh, not that much of exsitement. I like my games to have loads of exitement all the time I'd give it a 2 out of 5. Peace love and laughs Til next time!

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