Dairy Queen Ice Cream Waitress

Make all these delicious icecreams for your customers!

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Make all these delicious icecreams for your customers!

You are in charge of the Diary Quuen! Wow! A real job! Can you manage it, or will you just spend all day eating their yummy ice creams!!!

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Waitress

4.2/5 - 1443 votes
  • TessaYoung
  • Witch
  • Mkenzie
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • Millicent231
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Waitress comments from girls:

hotbaby571 hotbaby571 24.06.2014 à 19:56
this game is so hard... and the people`s order dose not stay up long so I can give them ice cream... that they wont :-\.
RAKHI RAKHI 18.05.2013 à 17:46
naisha303 naisha303 28.01.2013 à 21:51
omg!!! that game was hard. dats y i gave it a 1 out of 5. what did yall put? comment back.thx
123emoswa 123emoswa 23.08.2011 à 21:13
its ok not super but ok add me as a friend if u agree i mean its cool but not AWESOME !!!!!!
MadysonBieber2000 MadysonBieber2000 13.06.2011 à 2:30
this game is fun it's just that you don't have enough time to give one person their ice cream..........
divvya divvya 21.12.2010 à 15:48
Samantha58501 Samantha58501 23.09.2010 à 18:58
hey sandra, this game is fun and fyi mily cirus rules
shannon shannon 13.04.2009 à 13:00
that game was so boring didnt ggive u anogh time :->
Lea Lea 02.10.2008 à 18:23
Very cute game

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