Be a Real Kitchen Assistant

Learn to be a real kitchen assistant in a tough, busy fast food environment!

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Learn to be a real kitchen assistant in a tough, busy fast food environment!

Exciting News! There is a new restaurant opening in your town! And guess who is the new kitchen assistant? ...YOU!

The advert for the job said that you need to have a good memory, and be very quick, especially when remembering where to find all the different food orders in the kitchen. Now that you’ve applied for the job, you’ll be taken on for a week to see if you are "up to scratch".

There are a few things you need to know if you are going to pass the trial though:
You’ll need to work well with the waitor to get all the RIGHT orders out in time to the RIGHT customers.
Service needs to be QUICK.
Meals can be found in the freezer, the oven or maybe on the stove - click on each appliance to see whats inside.
Once you have clicked on a dish - you can’t change your mind - so CHOOSE CAREFULLY!
You don’t need to do the food in the same order that the waitor tells you.
The waiter and the shef both have not very much patience - you WILL lose your job if you make too many mistakes, or if you are not quick enough.

Thats it for now. Good luck - we hope you get the big job!!!

Be a Real Kitchen Assistant

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Be a Real Kitchen Assistant comments from girls:

xoxo_jeseca_xoxo xoxo_jeseca_xoxo 17.01.2011 à 1:38
its fast
dance_queen43va dance_queen43va 26.09.2010 à 22:37
i dont lyk it mayb u should take the game off
pretty pinky pretty pinky 21.11.2008 à 15:41
i like it its fun

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