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Crazy about Niall Horan? Prove it with this quiz!

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Crazy about Niall Horan? Prove it with this quiz!

Which of the One Direction boys is your favorite? If you’re head over heels for Niall Horan, we have just the celebrity game for you! This 1D quiz will put your Niall knowledge to the test with a series of tricky questions. Do you know where Niall was born? Or what he named his pet fish? Prove how much you know about the Irish singer in this One Direction quiz!

Niall One Direction Game

4.7/5 - 519 votes
  • Poksbaby123
  • Rosabellange
  • Catij
  • Misanifab
  • Adore_reese
  • Missdanae
  • Micahturner
  • Starfireangl
  • Krishonn
  • Lola7663

Niall One Direction Game comments from girls:

nialllover4ever nialllover4ever 29.12.2013 à 16:36
i love niall i am a niall know it all yay i am so happy right now yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay
ILoveTommo123 ILoveTommo123 23.12.2013 à 18:48
Im a niall know it all also I Have a huge crush on him Love You Niall Lots Love Your True Princess Maya
zoe114526 zoe114526 18.08.2013 à 4:23
im A liam fan! HES MINE!:->:->! oh yeah I love One direction So much i have a poster of them the backround of my laptop is one direction and one direction dolls all of them! And one direction pillow one direction sheets! HUGE FAN!
infiniy_nialler infiniy_nialler 03.07.2013 à 21:39
Im a Niall know it all I know everything aboutb niall nd ill love him till infinity nd beyond love my Nialler
1Dlover4ever100 1Dlover4ever100 02.07.2013 à 20:30
I'm a Niall Know it all and I you so much Niall!! This game is amazing
Niallerslilprincess Niallerslilprincess 25.05.2013 à 19:24
Yay! I'm a Niall know it all! I love Niall so much! He is my idol, and he inspires me! I hope I will get a chance to meet him!
onedirectionfan4ever onedirectionfan4ever 27.04.2013 à 0:58
The names of his fish were Ben and Jerry, like the ice cream company, they died becaues they were over fed. Get you facts right. By the way I LOVE Niall!!
CookieHoran13 CookieHoran13 21.04.2013 à 7:10
i got a 100% im a TRUE NIALLER!! i know Niall better than all u girls who say that they "know" everthing about my boyfriend so hahaha
christyelias christyelias 15.03.2013 à 17:46
I HATE NIALL my best friend loves niall her name is alison i love this site its got all my dreams this team
iloveNiallHoran iloveNiallHoran 10.03.2013 à 19:35
NiallsGirlfriend NiallsGirlfriend 01.01.2013 à 8:12
Some people might think they are the biggest Niall fan, but I've just proved them all wrong!I know everything there is to know about Niall Horan! You can tell by my name! Lol
irmajr irmajr 05.12.2012 à 22:55
i am a Niall know it all i bet you i know Niall better than any of you. I'm a one direction freak
LiamPaynesGirlfriend LiamPaynesGirlfriend 24.11.2012 à 1:16
I am a Niall Horan Know It all But my favorite is Liam Yea i think you could tell by my user name.
Kandy17 Kandy17 20.11.2012 à 18:48
omg!i love one direction! if you click on the botton that says play more one direction games over and over again u get to take a quiz on all of them ah!im obsessed, and so are some of my friends from 4th period agh!i love zaynn!!
GabiPurdy GabiPurdy 18.11.2012 à 21:05
All of you who think you know Niall I just proved you all wrong!! I got 100%!! Ha! I'm a Niall Know It All!!! In your faces!!

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