My Babysitter’s a Vampire

Dress up Sarah from ’My Babysitter’s a Vampire’ in this girls’ game!

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Dress up Sarah from ’My Babysitter’s a Vampire’ in this girls’ game!

Have you seen the movie ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’? Or maybe you’re hooked on the TV series based on it? If you’re crazy about all things vampire, you’ll find loads of awesome girls’ games for you here! Today we’re going to introduce you to Sarah, a girl who was turned into a vampire after being bitten by one of the famous bloodsucking monsters. There’s a full moon rising in this girls’ game, and all the vampires, werewolves and other creepy creatures in town are getting together for some scary celebrations. Can you find Sarah something shocking and striking to wear in this vampire dress up game for girls?

If you love the series ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’, you’ll already know Ethan Morgan and his little sister Jane and her babysitter, Sarah. Have fun dressing Sarah with all the t-shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories in this dress up game; as you might have noticed in other dress up games, vampires are usually followers of fashion, so make sure she looks dead good before she goes to the party tonight. Hungry for more vampire games? Don’t be scared, just keep browsing the dress up games right here on!

My Babysitter’s a Vampire

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My Babysitter’s a Vampire comments from girls:

katetodd12 katetodd12 28.06.2012 à 2:01
i love the show and movie of my babysitter's a vampire and i'm candian

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