Mahjong with the Simpsons

It’s up to you to finish this thinking puzzle as quickly as you can!

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It’s up to you to finish this thinking puzzle as quickly as you can!

We are all used to seeing the Simpsons in strange, silly and funny situations. But for once, the Simpson’s family and their friends will surprise you with a game of patience and reflection. A kind of Mahjong, this game is very well known in Asia, in fact they are dedicated to it.

The goal is to match pairs or even several pairs of the same image around the Mah-jong set up to make them disappear. This is one of the Simpsons games that will push your thinking and your observation skills. You are able to play with almost all the characters: Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge and Maggie. But there are also some of the other well known Simpson’s characters such as the grandfather, Otto and Mr. Burns, the director of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Mahjong with the Simpsons

4.2/5 - 385 votes
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Mahjong with the Simpsons comments from girls:

shannon shannon 02.05.2009 à 20:54
i was just thinking if you could get a game the same thing but with letters and you have to try and make the letters in the grid or if there are the same letters nexts to each other just thought id let you no .i love the simpson one it is really good.maybe you could get one like it just for me.thanks xxshazxxx:->

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