Dress up this actress before she shoots her first scene for Eastenders!

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Dress up this actress before she shoots her first scene for Eastenders!

Are you hooked on Eastenders? If you love the British soap set in London’s East End, you’ll love this dress up girl game! Natalie is a talented young actress who’s been acting in the theatre for years, and now she has her first TV role: a small part in Eastenders. She’s been a fan of the show for years, so she’s really excited! Have a go at being a TV stylist and dress up this actress before her first scene in this girls’ game!

It’s winter in this dress up game, and it’s snowing in Albert Square! Natalie’s first scene takes place out in the market, so she needs to dress up warm. Choose from lots of stylish coats, sweaters and other winter fashion and make sure she looks great for her very first TV scene. Have fun with this Eastenders game, and make sure you check out the rest of our girls’ games for more fun with your favorite TV stars!


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