Dress Up Marilyn Monroe

Check out the iconic American star’s most famous costumes.

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Check out the iconic American star’s most famous costumes.

We’re going back in time in today’s girls’ games, because it’s time to visit Marilyn Monroe? As you surely know, Marilyn Monroe was an incredible actress and one of the most important figures of the 20th century. Have you ever heard the iconic American star’s songs, or seen her Hollywood movies from the fifties? If not, this celebrity dress up game will let you take a peek at her most famous costumes!

Just like all our your favorite dress up games, you’ll really have an A-star choice of costumes and outfits today! Are you going to dress up Marilyn Monroe in the famous white dress that she wore in New York, the costume she sang ’Mister President’ in or maybe somethign a little more modern that any girl could wear? You can even change the actress’ hairstyle thanks to this Marilyn Monroe game; try a new color, a perm or straighten her hair! Have fun checking out the 1950s fashion in this girls’ game, and leave us a comment to tell us what you think of this celebrity dress up game!

Dress Up Marilyn Monroe

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Dress Up Marilyn Monroe comments from girls:

ArabelleTwilight ArabelleTwilight 24.07.2012 à 2:40
Mairlyn was such a influence to most girls because of all the clothing she wore. She is one of the most popular and oldest superstars of the US Superstar history, This game is great because it brings a legend to life

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