Dress Operetta from Monster High

Dress Operetta from Monster High before she performs at a concert!

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Dress Operetta from Monster High before she performs at a concert!

There’s a new girl at Monster High! Her name is Operetta, and she’s the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. This girl is sure to be the talk of the school corridors… she dresses in a unique punk-goth style, and she never misses a chance to whip out her tomb-shaped guitar and play a few tunes. Tonight she’s giving a little concert for her new friends, and in this Monster High dress up game you need to find a really striking outfit for this monstrous girl to wear. Bet you can find something that’ll send the boy monsters crazy in this girls’ game!

Operetta is a real fashionista, and she has tons of quirky and outlandish items hidden away in her wardrobe. You’re always the head stylist in our fashion games, so dress her up any way you like. She also needs her pet and her lucky mascot, a creepy spider named Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs. Want to meet more Monster High girls? Search for them in the stars section! There are tons of TV, movie and cartoon characters in needs of your style advice on this site, so keep having playing these star dress up games! Have fun!

Dress Operetta from Monster High

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