Brave Princess Merida Dress Up

Help dress a brave Princess for an exciting adventure!

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Help dress a brave Princess for an exciting adventure!

How brave are you?! Pixar’s ’Brave’ is an epic tale of ancient traditions, fearsome beasts and mysterious curses, set long ago in the Highlands of Scotland. The movie stars Princess Merida, a beautiful and fearless girl with expert archery skills and lots of bright red hair! In this girls’ dress up game, you’ll get to meet another brave Scottish Princess. Just like Merida, Princess Catriona is an excellent archer and loves nothing more than exploring the mountains with her bow and arrow. This girls’ makeover game lets you prepare her for one of three adventures by choosing outfits and accessories for her. She’ll need her best bow and sharpest arrows, just in case any monsters cross her path!

Brave Princess Merida Dress Up

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Brave Princess Merida Dress Up comments from girls:

kiwichic kiwichic 25.07.2012 à 2:21
dis movie loked so funny i wanted to go c it its some pretty bow and arrows in it too i want one lol

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