Become a Super Baker and Cake Maker Game

Prepare a beautiful, tasty cake for you and all your friends!

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How to play the game "Become a Super Baker and Cake Maker Game"?

Lots of girls love to bake cakes and biscuits and all sorts of other yummy things. Well in this game you can become an expert baker and cake maker! You need to start by choosing a basic model from the choices at the bottom of the note pad. Maybe you need to decide what the occasion for the cake is first - is it a birthday cake, or a "congratulations" cake, or maybe a "thankyou" cake - it’s up to you. When you have clicked on the cake you want to work on, you can now decorate it. There are all sorts of prett and delicious things to decorate your cake with - there are candels and boys and shiny balls, and there’s also creak and chocolate and all sorts of other ingredients. Read more

If you change your mind about something, just click on the item, and then click on the rubbish bin under the cake. The other buttons here will also make your decoration bigger or smaller (the plus and minus buttons), you can undo the most recent item you changed by clicking the pink arrow, or you can even print off your fabulous cake. Don’t forget to use the little bottles at the bottom to add sparkles to your cake when it’s all finished. Maybe with all the great things you’ll learn here about cake making, you might even go away and bake a cake of your own for you and all of your friends - mmmm, yummy!



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hannah 11 February 2009 at 14:00
this game is ok....
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