Dora Dress Up Game

Have you ever wondered what baby Dora looked like? Wonder no more!

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Dora Dress Up Game "?

Well, you’ve met Dora and now look, it’s Dora the Explorer when she was just a little baby! In this free celebrity game, Dora is preparing to go to kindergarten. It’s not quite as scary as exploring famous places and discovering mysteries, but it’s still an adventure for this little girl who can’t even walk yet! Before Dora starts kindergarten, she needs to be bathed and dressed. If you love to babysit, then you will love taking care of Dora. Read more

In this game, prepare a hot bath with foam, bubbles and flowers and get some bath toys for Dora. She’s so excited! Don’t forget to dry her off after her bath and choose the outfit that she looks cutest in! Aww, she even has some little hats! When she’s ready, make her laugh by playing with her stuffed animals. Babysitting is so much fun, and baby Dora is so cute!