Mother Games

It’s not easy being a mother! Try out new tasks and find out what your mom has to deal with every day in these mom games.


There’s no one more special than your mom! She’s always there to play with you and look after you when you’re sick or hurt yourself. What does your mom do while you’re at school? Does she work in an office, a shop or maybe a restaurant? Does she come to pick you up at school and cook for all the family, or is that your dad’s job? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to swap places with your mother for a day and try all of her daily tasks while she played with your toys and did your homework? Well, you can give it a go thanks to these mom games! You can play at being a mummy and try out loads of different activities: caring for dinner, doing housework, prepare dinner for a family in cooking games… With all the skills you pick up in these girls’ games, you’ll soon be able to help your mom with loads of household chores. She’ll be so proud of you! Read more

Being a mother and raising children certainly isn’t easy, but it’s also one of life’s greatest joys. What do you and your mom do to have fun together? Our mother games will give you loads of new ideas. Whether she’s a stay-at-home parent or whether she goes to work every day, we bet your mom still likes to dress up and go out, play sports, spend time with her husband or partner… In our mom games you’ll see mothers going clothes shopping, trying on makeup, letting of steam by doing a spot of exercise, and all sorts of other fun stuff! It’s a real challenge to stay in shape while you’re a mummy, so come and help all the moms who need you in these games and see if you have that maternal instinct! Married, divorced, single mothers… you’ll find all sorts of moms in these games. You only have one mother, so don’t forget to show your mom how much your care all year long and not only on Mothers’ Day. Have fun and become the perfect mom with these mother games!