Baby Barbie Games

Love Baby Barbie? Love Baby Barbie games!


In Baby Barbie games you get to hang out with your favorite doll - in diapers! But don’t be fooled: Baby Barbie is no ordinary toddler! Seeing as she grows into the entrepreneur, airline pilot, globetrotter and business executive that is Barbera Millicent Roberts, Baby Barbie knows how to keep herself busy! From playing dress up games with Baby Barbie (she has Frozen costumes, Disney Princess dresses and more!) and joining in with Baby Barbie’s hobbies like face painting and DIY, to caring for Baby Barbie when she’s hurt, there’s never a dull moment with online Baby Barbie games! George and Margeret Roberts, Barbie’s parents, are never around in these Baby Barbie games so you can play with Baby Barbie all day long and never get caught! We wonder if she’ll meet Ken... And best of all? You can play all Baby Barbie games free online right here at MyGames4Girls!