Are Teens Still Using Facebook?

Which social media sites are popular for tweens and teens right now?

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What do you think about Facebook? A lot of tweens and teens have decided it’s not really cool anymore, as there are just too many adults on there - after all, nobody wants their mom ‘liking’ every single status update or friend requesting their crush.

So, where are you guys heading to online instead? We’ve made a list of our fave social media sites for teens:


Perfect for sharing photos and looking at other people’s photos from around the world. Anyone can feel like a professional photographer here! You can also browse different categories (hashtags). Great for keeping track of fashion trends.


So much fun! You can take a picture and send it to a friend - but they can only see it for a maximum of 10 seconds! There’s now Snapchat Stories too, where you can create a montage that’s viewable to your followers for 24 hours. We’re hooked.


A blogging platform where you can share photos and posts about the things you love. Or, maybe you prefer to use it like a diary and share your day to day life with the world?


A great place to check out what the celebs are up to, and what everyone’s talking about. Lots of brands use this to share offers and info about their products. Have you checked out our Twitter page?

So, are you still hooked on Facebook? If not, which social media sites do you love?