I Didn’t Do It!

Discover the brand new series from the Disney Channel.

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Disney have a new series, have you seen it yet? It’s about a group of friends in their freshman year of high school. At the start of each episode, we hear about a hilarious situation that just happened, and then the teenage buddies try and explain how it went down...

Check out our breakdown of the main characters:

Delia: Quirky, loud and opinionated. We love her!

Garrett: So cute and preppy, he’s a little on the obsessive side.

Jasmine: Her outfits are always on trend, but she never lets her grades slide!

Lindy: She suddenly got popular, and it’s no surprise! We would totally be her BFF.

Logan: Lindy’s twin brother, he likes to wear waistcoats. Weird.

We can’t wait to meet them all! One of the best things is that the show stars Olivia Holt from ’Kickin’ It’. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Now, altogether...I DIDN’T DO IT!