5 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Tomorrowland

Exciting facts and teasing speculations about Disney’s 2015 movie release, Tomorrowland. SPOILER ALERT (obviously).

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Tomorrowland, a.k.a. Disney Tomorrowland: The World Beyond (that is such a mouthful you’re probably tired just reading it), is Disney’s latest movie due to hit our enormous great goggleboxes in May, 2015. Above you’ll find the trailer, so read on to hear some crazy facts (they made a farmer do WHAT?) about the movie....

George Clooney, the Cloonster, The Man In The Clooney, etc etc plays Frank, a former boy-genius. Alongside the lovely Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson, who plays Sci-Fi enthusiast Casey, the discovery of a strange golden pin leads them to the mysterious world of Tomorrowland, as demonstrated in this handy gif.

Tomorrowland is described as a place not fixed in time or space, but where Frank and Casey’s every action has an effect on the world and themselves, which sets our spines a-tingling like Mentos in Coca Cola with anticipation.

Interesting Factoids

  • Tomorrowland is the name of one of Disneyland’s parks, opened in 1955 but representing the year 1986 (Tomorrowland, right?). Director Brad Bird promises exciting Easter eggs and clever links to the park for Disney fans!
  • The 1952 Box is a box that writer Damon Lindelof heard had been discovered in a dusty old cupboard somewhere at Disney Studios. Full of blueprints, models, photographs and mysterious letters about Tomorrowland, the box caused Lindelof’s imagination to explode and sparked the idea for the movie.
  • The setting for Tomorrowland is The City of Arts and Sciences in Valenica, Spain. Compare Tomorrowland, above, with Valencia, below, and feel much excitement.

  • It’s not all about an adventure to Tomorrowland and the strange goings on there. Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena, claims that Athena is searching for a "recruit" that Tomorrowland needs, using her last pin to bring Casey to the mysterious world.
  • The filmmakers also shot on location at Cape Canaveral , Florida, just chilling out by the NASA launchpad. It just so happened that when they were there they saw the Mars Maven launch, with producer John Walker saying they were closer to the launch than the press. Windy.

  • The makers paid the farmer who owned this farm in Pincher Creek, Alberta, to grow winter wheat of a particular shade of amber so that the scenes at the Walker farm would look perfect according to Brad Bird’s vision.

If these exciting facts haven’t got you incredibly excited (or you’re just really angry at us for ruining the magic with spoilers - we did warn you) remember you can watch the trailer above continuously until May 20th. We don’t mind.