The Descendants - Snow White’s Evil Stepmother Game

Would you save the world if your mom was trying to destroy it?

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How to play the game "The Descendants - Snow White’s Evil Stepmother Game"?

Evvy is a normal girl, say, fifty percent of the time. During the rest of the time, she has to try and stop her mother from being so evil! We’re sure you’ve heard of the evil stepmother in Snow White. Well, poor Evvy is her daughter, and she has to put up with her every day. Together with her best friends; the fairy godmother’s kids, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast, she is determined to save the kingdom. Read more

In this Disney Decendants game, Snow White’s Stepmother has poisoned a horse because her mirror declared that it was the most beautiful thing in the kingdom. The horror! Can you get the horse through the forest safely?Just use the arrows on your keyboard to move forward or backward, and see if you can collect all the stars. Good luck!