Lalaloopsy Games

You’ll see with Lalaloopsy games that there’s nothing raggedy about these dolls!


Have you met all the Lalaloopsy dolls? Well, there’s Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, Jewel Sparkles, Dot Starlight, Mittens Fluff ’N’ Stuff, Peanut Big Top... and a whole lot more! They started out as rag dolls, but now with their own TV Series on Nick Jr. and games they’re just sew famous! Did you know each Lalaloopsy doll has her own special fabric, pet and a story? Pillow Featherbed is a sleepy doll, while Tippy Tumbelina is a pretty ballerina with a pet swan! Read more

On this section of the site you’l find all the Lalaloopsy games you could want! Make your own Lalaloopsy doll in the doll factory, play hide and seek with the girls or spend an afternoon making pretty tiaras so the Lalaloopsy dolls can pretend they’re princesses. There’s sew much magical fun to be had!