Tara Duncan Games

Tara Duncan’s invited you to come play in her magical world!


Tara Duncan games present you with the newest girl on the magic scene! Here you can dress up Tara Duncan, or help her escape from demons. She lives on an amazing planet called Otherland and has adventures all over this magical planet. The humans live in Omois and Lančov, but there are many other creatures like the dwarfs that live in Hymlia, the trolls, orcs and goblins that live in Krankar, and the Vampyres that live in Krasalvie. On the planet of Dranvouglispenchir are the dragons, and on Limbo are the ones that every fears: the demons. Read more

There are so many strange beings on Otherland like giants, ogres, gnomes, elves, unicorns, chimeras, the Tatra, and Salterens dragons, and many many more. Otherland is much bigger than earth and has many magical powers, and Tara Duncan and her friends are always having magical adventures there! Some of them are lots of fun, but others are very scary, especially when it involves the horrible demons from Limbo.