Tamagotchi Friends Game

Can you help Moriritchi build a tall Tamamori tower?

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Tamagotchi Friends Game"?

Come to Dream Town to meet the Tamagotchi Friends! This game features Moriritchi, who runs the Tamamori shop on Tama Street with her sister, Anemoriritchi. Do you know what Tamamori means? It’s fashion that’s piled on top of the head! In case you hadn’t noticed, the Tamagotchi Friends love to dress in all sorts of crazy styles. Read more

Today, Moriritchi has been challenged by her friends to balance as many hats as possible on top of her head. She must pile them tall enough to reach the red line before the time runs out...can you help her? Use either your mouse or the arrow keys to move her from left to right and catch the falling items on her head. You’ll see a few familiar faces joining her; including Yumemitchi, Mametchi and Julietchi. Girls, which Tamagotchi Friend is your favorite?