Popstar Slacking Game

Sarah’s always wanted to be a popstar...is she about to ruin her chances?

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How to play the game "Popstar Slacking Game"?

Sarah’s actually working hard for once! Ha, yeah right. It’s always been her dream to be a super famous popstar, and she has finally been offered a record deal...how exciting! The problem is, no matter how many opportunities this young girl is given, she just cannot concentrate on one thing and stop herself from slacking! In this free work game for girls, you need to help Sarah go about her usual distractions without getting caught by the big-cheese record producer. Let’s do this! Read more

So, Sarah is supposed to be singing sweetly to impress everyone in the recording studio, but, she has other things on her mind too. When the record producer isn’t looking, help Sarah to try out some dance moves, practise her signature, text her friends, apply her lipstick and more. It’s such a shame that Sarah is so easily distracted in these free girls’ games, as she could be the next Britney Spears if she put some hard work in! Do you think you could be a better popstar than Sarah? Share what you think in the comments!



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May1621 May1621 22 September 2013 at 00:26
Cool game. I give it 5 full stars, I beat the whole game! Super fun girls. Try it!
niesha33 niesha33 22 August 2013 at 18:11
so long to load i am so out of patience like hello niesha i wait like hours
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