Kissing in the Restaurant Game

Help Lola enjoy a romantic dinner date and touch up her makeup without anyone noticing.

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How to play the game "Kissing in the Restaurant Game"?

Today you’ll meet our friend Lola, a very pretty girl who is going on a date tonight with her new boyfriend Tim. This cute couple are madly in love; they just can’t stop kissing each other, and in this girl game you need to make sure the restaurant waiter doesn’t catch them as they enjoy a few romantic smooches. Read more

As well as helping Lola and her boyfriend kiss, you’ll also need to help this pretty girl redo her makeup without anyone seeing - not even Tim! It’s up to you to make sure the couple’s date goes smoothly, so stay alert and make sure you don’t let anyone catch Lola. Have you ever gone on a date with a boy? Come and tell us all about it in the forums!



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cnjii cnjii 11 August 2015 at 18:20
totally loving this
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