Girls’ Farming Management Game

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a farmer?

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How to play the game "Girls’ Farming Management Game"?

Ooh arr, have you got what it takes to be a farmer? It’s hard work being in charge of a farm you know. If you ever wondered where all that food on your table comes from, you can find out in this free management game! Your parents have told you off for being lazy for the last time. To teach you a lesson, they have sent you off to your uncle’s farm to learn what the meaning of hard work is! Uncle Jim is going to give you lots of responsibility working on the farm, are you ready? Read more

In this girls’ farm game, your aim is to grow some nice healthy crops. Uncle Jim will tell you which tools to use, then all you need to do is click and drag them to the crops. Move quickly though! If you don’t pay enough attention to the crops, they will die! You’ll need to use the rake, shovel, seeds and fertiliser to maintain the crops in the soil so that Uncle Jim can sell the food at the farmer’s market! It’s up to you to make sure he makes enough money in this farm game. If he doesn’t, you’ll be sent home to some very angry parents! Good luck!



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