Mother and Baby Store

Work as a sales assistant selling baby care products to new moms.

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Work as a sales assistant selling baby care products to new moms.

Which stores did your mom shop in when you were a baby girl? In this free management game we’re reversing in roles and putting you in charge! You’ll get to work as a sales assistant in a store specializing in baby care products for new or expecting mothers, so grab a uniform and remember: the customer knows best!

Lots of new moms and pregnant ladies will come into your store looking for food and products for their baby boys and girls, and you’ll need to work fast to serve them all. Watch carefully to see what they order, then place the baby food, bottle or other items in their shopping basket. All these mothers want the best for their babies, so they’ll get angry if you make a mistake! Have fun with this free mother game, and keep browsing our girls’ games for even more work experience.

Mother and Baby Store

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Mother and Baby Store comments from girls:

MissBahamas101 MissBahamas101 05.05.2013 à 2:58
I guess its fun but yea it can be funner and i really like it alot part 2!!!!

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