Ice Cream Parlor Game

Try being an sales assistant and serve delicious ice creams to your friends!

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Try being an sales assistant and serve delicious ice creams to your friends!

Are you as crazy about ice cream as we are? There’s nothing like a tasty snow cone or a cool ice pop when it’s hot outside! Unfortunately, you’re not going to be the one tasting all the delicious ice cream in this girls’ game – instead, you’ll be making and serving them to other kids! The manager of your town’s best ice cream parlor has taken the day off to go to an ice sculpture competition in this girl game, and he’s left you in charge of the business for the afternoon. Cones, cups, smoothies, sauces… they’re all yours to play with in this free ice cream game! Don’t get too excited, though, because there’s work to be done in this management game. Running a business is hard work, and the manager has given you lots of task to complete before he returns tonight!

Whether or not you’ve played our girl games before, you’ll soon see that this ice cream cafe game is super simple! Lots of girls and boys will come into your store to order ice creams or smoothies. You just need to take their order and make it up for them by choosing the right drink, cone, cup or most importantly, ice cream. Just click on the items to select them, but watch out - if a customer asks for multiple scoops of ice cream, you’ll need to put them in exactly the right order if you want to get paid! If you earn enough money you’ll be able to move onto the next level, which will be a bit more difficult. If you love work games like this one, make sure you keep exploring the different categories of the site: you can become a waitress, sales assistant or even a chef, all in these girls’ games!

Ice Cream Parlor Game

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Ice Cream Parlor Game comments from girls:

cool4ever111 cool4ever111 19.03.2012 à 15:38
I like this game so much ..... what do u think about it >>> hope you like it too

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