The Japanese Canteen

Serve all the students in this japanese canteen!

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Serve all the students in this japanese canteen!

This canteen - H.K. - is a really busy student canteen right in the middle of a really big school! There are so many students that come here, and it’s always really busy!

They’ve hired you to help out with the busiest times of the day so you’ll need to
1) cook the food as quickly as possible
2) make sure you don’t cook food thats not needed - it’ll go in the bin, and you’ll be charged $50
3) make sure you get the full orders right in each plate - again it’ll have to go in the bin if you get even one item wrong
4) make sure your customers stay happy - $100 is deducted for unhappy customers!

How to Cook - to learn how to cook each item, look at "how to plpay" or just have a go and see if you can work it out!

You’ll need to be really fast and pay good attention to whats going on in this relaly fun game for girls!

The Japanese Canteen

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The Japanese Canteen comments from girls:

denika denika 21.12.2010 à 0:19
this game is so fun

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