Spicy Popcorn Chicken

This is popcorn chicken like you’ve never tasted before!

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This is popcorn chicken like you’ve never tasted before!

Who needs takeout chicken when you can make such yummy food at home? We bet you’ve heard of popcorn chicken, but have you ever heard of spicy pecan popcorn chicken? Now, try saying that really fast ten times. Pretty tricky, but cooking it is way easier! In this free cooking game for girls, we’re exploring world cuisine. Mexican, Thai and Indian food are all the rage right now, all around the world! This tasty fried chicken treat is a little like chicken nuggets, but way more exciting!

Spicy Popcorn Chicken

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Spicy Popcorn Chicken comments from girls:

mariaXD mariaXD 28.04.2013 à 9:10
I wish I could taste that spicy thingy guys please please send me a request to be my friend! I would realy like too

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