Cook Stuffed Mushrooms Game

Stuffed mushrooms are super tasty, and easy to make!

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Sara is bored. As we all know, she loves to cook, but money is tight this month and she is trying to stop herself splashing out on fancy food. We wonder if there’s anything in the fridge that she could whip up into something amazing? Hmm, mushrooms, butter, bread, herbs...wait, that sounds like the beginnings of stuffed mushrooms! Happy days! Let’s see what else is needed to make this simple, delicious food. Read more

Follow Sara’s instructions to make the perfect stuffed mushrooms. This is Sara’s unique recipe, as there are lots of different ways to cook stuffed mushrooms. You’ll start out by scooping out the insides of the mushrooms before frying them, and then you’ll need to fill them with the mixture of breadcrumbs and herbs before baking them in the oven. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it! Have you ever made stuffed mushrooms before?



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