Pucca Games

Live Pucca’s adventures out through these lovely games for girl!

  • Sewing with Pucca New Sewing with Pucca 87%
  • Pucca Coloring New Pucca Coloring 87%
  • Pucca Adventure New Pucca Adventure 89%
  • The Pucca theatre for Girls New The Pucca theatre for Girls 89%

Pucca was born in the year 2000, thanks to a South Korean company. She is a little Asian girl who lives with her uncle, working in a restaurant. Pucca dreams of one day being together with Garu, a little boy she likes who always acts like a ninja. Read more

In the series and in these games, Pucca has to go through a lot of challenges and adventures before she will succeed in getting Garu all to herself! With our Pucca games, you’ll be able to play with all the characters from this great cartoon. You might even manage to get Pucca a kiss from Garu! With your help, Pucca can do anything, so go through all her adventures by her side!