The Pucca theatre for Girls Game

Discover the theatre of Pucca where they play a scene of kisses with Garu!

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How to play the game "The Pucca theatre for Girls Game"?

In this fabulous theatre, Pucca and Garu are actors who carry out scenes at the request of the spectators. By cliking on a member of the audience at the bottom of the game, you will direct Pucca on the stage using different strategies. Hopefully she will end up in Garus arms, and maybe even with a kiss.. Read more

Pucca is counting on you to click on the audience requests so that she can act out all the scenes and get all the kisses she can. Each scene is different and really funny so make sure you click on each person. In the end you’ll see a great spectale in a fun theatre, and lovely scene of love.

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