High School Musical Games

High School Musical games for all those who are fans of the High School Musical trilogy.

High School Musical games are all about this musical comedy, which was first released in 2006, and instantly became on of the favourite films of young girls who like to dance and sing. The story and all the free High School Musical games start at the new years party where Gabriella Montex – a timid but very intelligent coed – meets Troy Bolton – also a student, but more importantly a great basketball played for his school. Forced to sing together in a karaoke competition, they discover that they are actually quite good. By the end of the evening and in free girls games about High School Musical they are having a great time and have no idea that they’re actually about to start off the new year in the same class! Troy, in free High School Musical games for girls, gets back into his basketball, while Gabriella studies hard for the scientific decathlon. In spite of the face that they love different things, they fall in love and decide to be presented together for the school show, but not everyone is happy with this choice and they have some difficulties along the way. All of their great adventures bring them closer together and led to the creation of loads of girls High School Musical games for free. Read more

From the success of the first film, Disney went on to make a second, and then a third film in the saga of the musical high school, and loads of free High School Musical games. At the moment people speak about the High School Musical trilogy, but something tells us this won’t be the end of it!