Bratz Games

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In Bratz games you’ll find Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, Meygan and Chloe : the five girls that make up the group – the Bratz! They started out their free bratz games for girls adventures as just four in 2001, and Meygan joined them with her lovely russet red hair in 2002, one year later. From then on lots of other Bratz have made their appearances with the rest of the group in bratz games and in other free girls games, and now there is even the team of Baby Bratz too! Read more

In 2007 the film “Bratz” was released and lots of girls loved it! Now you can buy the Bratz dolls and toys all over in country, and even across the world! All the Bratz girls are really easy to identify because they all have very different styles. They all lead the lives of real fashion victims though, that’s for sure! They are passionate about fashion , make up and having fun, and now you can take part in all of these activities along with your favourite Bratz in these Bratz games for girls!