Hello Kitty Style Game

Faye loves Hello Kitty so much that she is working in a Hello Kitty theme park!

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How to play the game " Hello Kitty Style Game"?

Faye feels like a Harajuku girl. Why? She is working at a theme park in Japan! But, it’s not just any amusement park... it’s Hello Kitty themed! So, of course, this gives Faye the perfect excuse to spend all day playing games, and also to try on dresses and experiment with super daring hairstyles. Read more

The flight to Tokyo has left Faye absolutely exhausted, so she’s not feeling as pretty as usual today. Never fear though! With a little help from you, she’ll be looking radiant in no time. Use a scrub, hydrating mask and a good moisturiser. Then, apply some pretty make up and choose a cute Hello Kitty outfit. You’ll find dresses, blouses, aprons and more. Remember, you can click the arrows above the menu to change which part of the look you want to work on: make up, hair, clothing and jewelry. Sigh, don’t you wish you could dress up like a Hello Kitty girl to go to school?



Hello Kitty Style is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave celebrity games!