Winter Sales Shopping Guide

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Ready, set, go! To the mall that is. The winter sales are about to start and we’ve got our purses at the ready, but sale shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Read on for our top shopping tips for budget fashion buying this year:

Remember, a lot of stores will mark items down the day before the sale has been advertised for. If you know a shop’s staying open late on Christmas eve, pay it a visit, you might pick up that discount shirt you and your BFF have been chasing for months before she does (cue evil laugh).
Whatever you do, don’t wear the fanciest outfit in your wardrobe for this shopping trip. Wear clothes that are comfy and easy to slip things on over, something like leggings and a vest. That way you won’t have to queue for 30 minutes just to try on a dress, you can simply slip it on straight over your outfit! Don’t forget to then take it back off and pay for it though...things are cheap, not free, jeez.
Step away from the ATM! Ok, you might see a lot of cool stuff on sale and want to go on a total spending spree - don’t. Make a list of the kinds of things you want to look for and stick to it. You don’t want to come home with a lime green denim jacket or a velour tracksuit...shudder (hey unless that’s your style, you get your swagg whichever way you want). Be smart and save your money - remember you do not have Paris Hilton’s bank balance. Or do you? If you do we’d like to come shopping with you please.
Look for stuff that’s going to last, you can find some real bargains if you dig deep! A tough leather jacket goes with everything, so if you can get one on a budget then take advantage, quickly! Even if you have to butt people out of the way to get to it. Ok, we’re joking. Please don’t resort to violence girls, it’s not worth it...unless the jacket is like, Chanel or something.
Have fun! A lot of people (mom, we’re looking at you) get stressed in the sales. It’s not supposed to be a drag, so if you’re not enjoying yourself then it’s not worth it, go to the movies or something instead! We’ve heard The Hobbit is meant to be pretty cool (though we’re not sure you’ll pick up many fashion tips from it, unless you’re into cloaks and staffs...and beards).

So there you have it! Your go-to sale shopping guide, guaranteed to help you buy a whole new wardrobe. So now you can eat as much turkey and junk as you like...fitting into your old clothes is SO last year.