This Girl Knows How to Wear Leggings (video)

If you have no idea how to rock leggings, you need to read this!

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Love to wear leggings but not sure how? We’ve got all the secrets!

Leggings are a favorite, must-wear item right now. They go with everything and you can make them work for pretty much any occasion. They are pretty difficult to style sometimes though, and then some serious wardrobe malfunctions can occur. Ouch. If you find yourself struggling for outfit inspiration when it comes to leggings, fear no more! Click play on the video above and you’ll soon get a leg up on the competition!

Our top tips for wearing leggings

Wow, we love her style! If you want a comfortable and casual look, like the girl in the video, leggings are perfect. They’re right on trend but they’re also super comfy. So what different looks can you try out? Why not pair your leggings with a tank top and dark shirt? This baggy shape on top will draw attention to your legs, and leggings are super flattering when worn like this. Don’t forget to choose a pair of chunky boots like the ones you see at 2.24, or you could go for some big platforms if you really want to be bold and stand out from the crowd!

If, however, you’re after a more interesting look, you could wear coloured leggings. Mix and match different colors in the rest of your outfit to keep the look bright. This choice is perfect for summer! For a more sophisticated look, team your leggings with some elegant ballerina pumps or stylish flats, just like the ones in the video at 1.51.

How do you wear yours? If you think you need more inspiration, you should try our fashion games for girls.

Tell us what your favorite look from the video was, and make sure you share your own tips and ideas too!