Spring Fashion- How To Wear Floral Print Without Looking Like Your Gran (video)

Spring is here are floral print is everywhere. Find out how to get it right!

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Want to wear stylish floral prints without looking like a vase? Read this!

Everybody knows that the strongest trend every Spring is…black. Jokes! It’s obviously florals. You see them everywhere each Spring, whether they’re growing from the ground or on the dresses of every girl you pass by. These prints are so easy to wear, if you select the wrong colors or clash too many prints, you could end up looking like your grandmother on a trip to the races, or your mom’s best vase. Major fashion faux-pas! If this sounds familiar, click below to watch this video, it will totally change the way you look at florals.

Ideas for combining spring dresses, tops, pants and accessories

We want all the clothes from this video! We love how the girl combines pastel colors with subtle floral print, it creates the perfect balance for a look that’s ideal for this time of year. If you still feel like these prints are a bit OTT, try shoes with small, low-key flowers for a sophisticated look, just check out 0.12 in the video. You can also cheer up your outfit with a floral bag and other floral accessories, see 1.35 in the video.

Feeling fearless? If you want to dive into the spirit of spring, don’t be afraid to wear a dress with a big, bold floral print, and keep the hem just above the knee, see 0.39 in the video. You’ll feel comfortable, cool and super happy! If you start to feel a bit chilly, you don’t need to ruin your outfit, just add a cardigan in a soft color. Pastels are always great, or why not try neons to really make your outfit pop? There’s something your Gran would never try! Remember, the key to this look is to keep it fun!

What do you think of this trend? See more floral fashion in this free girls’ game!

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