Modern Muse Kim Masi: Maker of Disneyland’s Magic

Meet Kim Masi, a mechanical engineer at Disneyworld in Florida, and find out why she inspires us!

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“I’m a Mechanical Engineer! And I’ve been working at Disney World for over two years.”

She’s super smart.

“I work for the Design & Engineering department. Basically they support every attraction, all the entertainment infrastructures, the parades, the transportation, and pretty much anything else you could imagine going on here at Disney World.”

She’s feisty!

“...The "Imagineers" are just the creative vision behind attractions ... it’s us engineers that bring every ride to life.”

...sorry Imagineers.

She rocks a hard hat. Daily.

“When I’m Lead Engineer for a project (for example, the Haunted Mansion in December!), I’m out every single day with my hard hat on, working alongside builders and construction workers building the ride.”

She knows about stuff. Clever stuff.

“The key to an engineering job is having a broad background of experience and knowing lots about all these different types of systems … I’ve got a knowledge of electrical systems and controls as well as structural engineering.”

Honestly Kim, you’re just showing off now.

More Irreverent Trivia!

The word ’engineer’ comes from a Latin word meaning ‘cleverness’. So technically, Kim’s job title is actually ‘Mechanical Cleverness’, which sounds insanely cool.

She’s humble like apple crumble (or humble pie, which makes more sense but doesn’t rhyme).

“Well I would certainly be the first to admit I was never the greatest mathmetician…”

She doesn’t mind advising us on how to steal her job

“I wouldn’t worry too much about what your grades are. Focus on your development: understanding concepts, learning about systems and gaining experience. Once you’ve got the basics, everything else comes naturally. The most important thing is genuine passion for your work!”

Mechanical engineers have lots of different skills. They:

  • read and create and design
  • measure, plan and build
  • direct others and work as a team
  • work in offices and on sites
  • can wear funky yellow hard hats

So if, like us, you know want to make like Kim and live, breathe and work in Mechanical Cleverness (okay - Engineering), it’s worth brushing up on your Science and Math.

As Kim says, it’s the passion that’s most important. So remember to get out and pursue the things you love most! It might just lead to the opportunity of a lifetime (or, as in Kim’s case, some snazzy yellow headwear).