Modern Muses: What’s It All About?

We’ve been writing about incredible women you’ve never heard of before but should’ve. ‘What’s it all about?’, we hear you cry! Let us explain…

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Emergency History Lesson

In Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus had nine daughters who all lived together on Mount Helicon. They were the goddesses of knowledge, literature, science and arts (a.k.a., all the cool stuff) and became known as the Muses.

Our Modern Muses section is dedicated to modern women who have achieved something amazing, excelled at something, overcome the odds to achieve their dreams or just have an inspiring story to tell! We’re spreading their stories so you can get inspired too, because as Rapunzel so wisely said in Tangled, everyone needs a dream!

Come and meet our Modern Muses and get inspired to dream big! Maybe one day we’ll be writing about you…

Our Mission:

There’s nothing more important than empowering and inspiring young girls. We’ll always love games, so we wanted to use our games and and popularity around the world to give our users the chance to broaden their horizons with every article they read!

We mix up our own tastes, from creativity and cuisine to science and fashion, to pick women whose stories are amazing!

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