Shooting Games

The bravest girls can test themselves here with these great shooting games!


To play in this category of shooting games you’d better not be afraid! All your weapons are of course behind the computer screen though in shooting games for girls, so it’s all very safe – no need to be scared! You’ll have to aim and fire at some fixed targets, and also moving targets too, making some online shooting games quite easy, but other ones pretty difficult. You’ll also be able to be a secret agent for some free shooting games– like the "totally spies" guys, so that you can complete a secret and dangerous mission. Read more

Some people shoot rifles and bow & arrows as a sport, but they can also be quite dangerous to play in real life, so you’ll be able to use these girls shooting games to learn how to aim precisely, and how to use your weapons safely. The more you play shooting games, the more you’ll improve, but don’t forget that there are girls games with difficult levels, so you’ll have to keep concentrating hard!