Bike Games

Hop on your motorcycle and forget the speed limits in these exciting bike games!


What has two wheels, can easily avoid traffic jams by slipping between cars and can reach speeds of up to 200mph? A motorbike, of course! If you’re the sort of girl who has a need for speed, you’ll love the bike games in this section of the site. Have you ever ridden on the back of a motorcycle or a scooter with a grown-up? Were you scared the first time you tried? Even if you’ve never ridden a motor bike or a moped before, our awesome girls’ games can let you experience all the excitement of life on two wheels: grab your helmet, slip on some gloves and become a real racing demon with just a few clicks in these bike games! Read more

You’ll be able to try all sorts of tricks and trials on two-wheelers in our motor bike games: jumps, stunts, 360s, high-speed races, motocross competitions, international championships and even the motor cycle Grand Prix… It’s time to make the boys jealous and prove that girls can handle a 650cc motor just as well as they can! There’s a whole world of motor sports for you to discover thanks to these amazing bike games, so jump in the hot seat and put pedal to the metal!