Popeye Game

Help the world’s strongest cartoon character find his beloved spinach!

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How to play the game "Popeye Game "?

Thanks to our girls’ games you can come play with your favorite cartoon characters or movie stars any time you like! Have you ever watched Popeye’s adventures? This sailor is known all over the world for his incredible strength, his huge muscles and his love of spinach. In this celebrity game for girls, you’ll be hopping on a motorbike with Popeye as he goes to visit his girlfriend, Olive Oyl. Try to grab as many cans of spinach as you can on your way! Read more

Use the arrows on your keyboard to direct Popeye over hill and down valleys on his bike, and try to grab as many cans of spinach. He’s got a long bike ride ahead of him, so he’ll need his energy! Have fun, and don’t forget to keep browsing our girls’ games for loads more adventures with your favorite cartoon characters.