Spot the Difference Pets Game

Spot the difference with Jessie and her cute pet kitty in this new animals game!

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How to play the game "Spot the Difference Pets Game"?

A girl’s best friend is her pet! In this girls’ game, you’ll meet Jessie and her beloved cat, Kitty. These two love playing together, but lately Jessie hasn’t been giving Kitty as much attention as usual because she’s been too busy getting ready to go on a date! In this new pets game, you’ll see two pictures of Jessie getting ready for her date while her kitten tries to get her attention. The pictures are almost identical, but if you look carefully you’ll see there are some small differences between the two. Try to find them all in this fun girls’ game as Kitty you the story. Read more

To play this spot the difference game, just examine the two pictures very carefully to find six small changes between them, and click the mouse when you’ve found one. You’ll get 100 points for each difference you find, but you’ll lose 25 if you click on the wrong spot. There are five levels for you to complete in this fun new girls’ game, and Kitty will tell you the next part of the story after each one. This animals game has ’easy’, ’medium’ or ’hard’ modes to choose from, so find the level that’s right for you and get playing. This kitten will just be happy you’re playing with her, seeing as Jessie is too busy! Have fun!



Spot the Difference Pets Game is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave animal games!