Orange Farming Game

Become a farmer and grow the best oranges around!

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How to play the game "Orange Farming Game"?

Today you’ll be playing with Farmer Ted, who lives and works on a huge farm. Last year he planted a lot of orange trees on his land, and they’re growing very nicely. Tending to an orchard is a big job, so Ted has hired you as a farm hand. It’s your job to look after the plants by watering and fertilizing them, protecting them from bugs, buying more trees, employing staff and turning those tasty oranges into marmalade or juice. As you’ll see, running a farm is a lot of work! Read more

Farmer Ted’s aim is to make $1 million in two years. You’ll need to grow and sell a lot of oranges in this farm game to make that kind of money! This work game is challenging but if you love Farmville or have already tried running a business in other games, you’ll whizz through it. Farmer Ted will be very impressed if you can turn his little orange orchard into a fully-functioning business!



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