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Step into the high-powered world of fashion...can you take the pressure?

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How to play the game "Online Fashion Designer Game"?

Girls, do you ever dream of becoming a fashion designer, or stylist? You’d get to create your own clothes, appear in fashion shows, meet some of the biggest names in the industry and be a world famous celebrity! Well, why not practise this sewing game with our girl Samira to see exactly what this amazing job is like? Read more

Samira opened her store a few years ago, and now all the biggest celebs come to her for style advice. Today, she’s opening a new shop in Paris. Can you help her get started? You first need to buy the fabric and machinery before taking them to the seamstress who will make the clothes. Choose your material wisely. Cotton, lycra, silk, denim? Hey, a customer bought one of your designer handbags! We could get used to a career like this...



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